Post image for {Pg. 68} Dana Gluckstein—DIGNITY: Tribes in Transition

{Pg. 68} Dana Gluckstein—DIGNITY: Tribes in Transition

Appleton Museum of Art, College of Central Florida in Ocala presents “DIGNITY: Tribes in Transition,” an exquisite photography exhibition by Dana Gluckstein, honoring Indigenous Peoples worldwide. The exhibition, which will be on view from April 22 through June 19, 2016, captures the fleeting period of world history where traditional and contemporary cultures collide. Gluckstein’s powerful B/W portraits pay homage to these imperiled cultures, signaling our collective interdependence and fragility. Spanning three decades, these images distill the universality of experience that links us all without diminishing the dignity of the individual. Whether photographing a Haitian healer or a San Bushmen chief, Gluckstein infuses each portrait with an essential human grace.

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