Post image for {Pg. 118} Stephen Knapp: Lightpaintings

{Pg. 118} Stephen Knapp: Lightpaintings

Stephen Knapp dispenses with traditional media to create sculptural canvases composed entirely of light and glass. Heralded as the first new art medium of the 21st century, the artist has been developing his “lightpaintings” since the late 1990s. These works explore color, light, and space through the use of specially cut dichroic glass, shaped and polished to create a palette that refracts light onto the walls and surrounding space into abstract compositions. The fabricated glass and steel works are the crossroads of painting, sculpture, and technology. “The walkaround quality is key,” explained Knapp, “There has to be depth and movement. I want it to be sculptural. There’s this incredible sense of illusion, of going back into the wall. Its almost like a portal opening to another dimension.”

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